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You are a Ghoul, a foul half-vampire servant to a young Vampire Master. This monster may think it owns you, but it is wrong. You will hold on to whatever freedom you have left, and you will save as many people as you can from this ungodly being - at least until the inevitable end: when you become theirs to command.

What is this? 

Ghouls and Shackles is an expansion hack for Vampires & Claymores where players get the option to play as Ghouls, turning the game into a personal horror cold war where  Vampires and Ghouls struggle for agency against each other while still battling foes as in a normal Vampires & Claymore game session.

This trifold pamphlet features:

  • Extra mechanics for Vampire Masters
  • Rules to play as a Ghoul
  • A new Influence Action players use against each other
  • A Corruption mechanic that makes your ghoul unique
  • Limits Rules for safety*


Ghouls & Shackles deals with matters of loss of agency and must be played with the understanding that players may affect the actions of each other's characters. You can make this game safer (thus, more fun) by following the safety rules it provides, as well as other safety rules you find suits you and your table. Like the original creator, I recommend TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna Shaw.

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GenreRole Playing
Tagslatam, pamplhet, PvP, rpglatam, Vampire


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